MORTOX 50/ D50 24D


D50 24D is for the selective control of the annual and perennial broadleaved weeds in cereals, established agricultural and amenity grassland, managed amenity turf, apple and pear orchard floors.
D50 is a soluble concentrate containing 500 g/l (42% w/w) 2,4-D as the dimethylamine salt.



Apply when the majority of annual weeds are at the seedling stage. For the control of perennial weeds in established grassland, the best results are obtained if spraying is carried out shortly before flowering. Whilst spraying at this late stage will not give complete control of annual weeds, it may effectively check most of the species mentioned. A second application may be necessary to provide an adequate level of weed control on amenity grassland and managed amenity turf.

Key Benefits

  • Controls many important broadleaved weeds in cereals including
  • Charlock, Common pansy, Fat hen and Shepherd’s purse
  • Use on grass floors under orchards
  • Can be used in a wide range of cereal crops
  • Controls many key weeds in grassland
  • Tank mix recommendation for Ragwort control
  • Non-ALS mode of action to help manage herbicide resistance!

Additional information

Weight 10 kg

10Lt, 5Lt