Kelliher’s Feed & Agri Supplies provide a wide range of services to our town and country customers.

The Kell-M Mastistis Management & Control System

In collaboration with CID Lines, the team at Kelliher’s Feed & Agri, developed the Kell-M Mastitis Management & Control System to support farmers fully in reducing the occurrence of mastitis in their dairy herds. At your request, a member of the KFA team with visit your farm and carry out a full assessment designed to assess its current strengths and weaknesses in the milk production process. Book your advisory visit by calling us on (066) 712 3446 and receive a detailed report with key findings and recommendations.

Grassland Management

Continual sward management is vital to every profitable and productive farm. Our farm advisors have the knowledge and experience to help you maximise your farm’s grazing potential through the best use of rotation planners, fertilisers, reseeding, and silage enhancers.

Soil Sample Analysis

Soil analysis identifies nutrient deficiencies and allows for the correct application of fertilisers. KFA will collect and process your soil and will advise on the best course of action based on the results of the analysis. Click here to purchase the soil analysis.  Following purchase, KFA will contact you to arrange collection of the sample.

Feeding Rates

Quality animal feeds are the bedrock of Kelliher’s Feed & Agri Supplies. We are committed to using only the best quality raw materials combined with essential vitamins and minerals. Our farm advisors are experts in helping you maximise dairy production and live weight gain and are continuously supported by qualified nutritionists.

Authorised Weighbridge

Kelliher’s Feed & Agri Supplies is an authorised weighbridge for Kerry County Council.

All commercial (goods) vehicles must submit a valid weight docket from an authorised weighbridge issued within the past 3 working days when required as part of a motor tax application. Call Kelliher’s on 066 712 3446 to fix a time.

Diesel Fuel Depot

Fill up quickly at conveniently at Kelliher’s agri fuel pump.