Quality Grass

Grass seeds account for only 20% of the total cost of reseeding. Putting some time into deciding what varieties suit your system is worthwhile. Tillage farmers place a lot of emphasis on what cereal varieties they use and grass farmers need to adopt the same attitude. Before reseeding, it is advisable to think about what you want from your variety, be it silage or grazing; free-draining, or a heavy soil type. You need to pick a variety that is suitable for what you want it for.

“When it comes to grass seed quality, our no-compromise approach is simple - you really can make a significant difference to the performance of your new ley mixture”

Sinclair Mcgill

“Reseeding is one of the best paying investments on Livestock farms”

Diamond Grass Seed

“We aim to deliver more sustainable and efficient forage solution to ensure farm profitability and complement our environmental goals”

DLF Seeds

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