Trusti Tuber 4L Calf Feeding Starter Kit


Trusti Tuber Feeder is a unique new colostrum-feeding kit designed and made in New Zealand. It has been designed to ensure a safer, easier and more comfortable experience for the calf. The 4 l container has been designed for ease of use for the farmer. Trials have shown an 88% reduction in calf stress when compared to more rigid stomach tube systems.

How the Trusti Tuber Feeder Feeder works

The Trusti Tuber Feeder allows for feeding to be done quicker with less stress to farmer and calf by utilising a hand probe that allows the farmer introduce the probe into the esophagus opening. The stomach tube then slides easily through this probe to stomach, reducing the chance of scratching or bruising the esophagus, as well as insuring less stress on the animal. The tube also has a handy indicator ring that can be set to the weight of the calf ensuring that you don’t send too much of the tube down the calf resulting in damage to the Rumen. The Trusti Tuber Feeder has been designed to allow for ease of swallowing for the calf, meaning less struggling and an anxiety free procedure.

Features of Trusti Tuber Feeder

  • Easy to swallow.
  • No bruising or injury.
  • No pressure on airway.
  • Stress free for farmer and calf

Additional information

Weight 5 kg