Lectade Plus for Calves Box 48 Sachets


Lectade Plus is an oral rehydration solution that can be given to calves that have a scour or are dealing with a stomach upset. The contents of sachets A and B should be added to 2 litres (approximately 3.5 pints) of fresh water, at a temperature of about 35°C. When scour symptoms show immediately withdraw milk or milk replacer and offer 2 litres of solution twice daily for two days (four feeds). For the next four feeds offer 1 litre of Lectade Plus solution added to 1 litre of milk or milk replacer. Thereafter feed as normal. If the scouring is established or severe, thus causing serious dehydration, the solution should be fed three or four times daily. Lectade Plus may be used on its own for a maximum of four days. Ensure that adequate colostrum is fed to all calves. Keep feeding utensils clean. Any medicated water which is not consumed within 24 hours should be discarded. There is zero meat, offal and milk withdrawal.


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