TRM Neutracid


NEUTRACID is a complementary feed for horses, designed to be fed as a nutritional adjunct to horses prone to lactic acid accumulation after exercise or competition.Neutracid is a body acid neutraliser and alkali replacer for horses.

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Supplementation of Neutracid creates neutrality in the blood and muscles providing optimum conditions for performance. Neutracid neutralizes excessive lactic acid build up in the blood and muscle tissues and replenishes depleted alkali reserves whilst returning the pH value of the blood to normal.

Neutracid when used as part of a nutritional strategy can help reduce the incidence of acidosis and hydration. Neutracid encourages horses to drink more and in turn will increase urination.

Feeding Instructions:
Horses in training: 90ml per day in evening feed. After competition: Give an extra 30ml in the evening feed.

Neutracid should be fed in conjunction with an electrolyte. Do not exceed the recommended feeding instructions without consulting your Nutritionist or Veterinarian. Horses should always have access to fresh drinking water.