A quick soaking, nutritionally balanced, high-fibre, conditioning bran mash. Oat free and high oil.

Ideal for:

Stimulating appetite
Mares post-foaling
Horses that travel and compete on a regular basis
Supporting hydration and gut motility
Specially formulated to support appetite, balanced nutrient intake, hydration, and gut motility.

A quick-soaking, ready-to-use bran mash
High in oil, including linseed oil, for extra condition and shine
High in easily digestible fibres, including alfalfa chaff
Palatable blend of wholegrain cereals
Steam cooked for improved digestibility and nutrient availability
Source of quality protein and amino acids
RED MILLS Pro Balance vitamin and mineral package
Added antioxidants including Vitamin E and selenium
Contains electrolytes
Added bone support package, including Vitamin K

Additional information

Weight 18 kg