NeoMilk Beyond


NeoMilk® Beyond has the highest ingredient specification and it is designed for rearing heifer calves where daily growth rates of between 900g and 1.1kg are targeted.

This milk includes a postbiotic that offers extra support for the immune system. So it is suited to rearing bought-in dairy calves and for systems where additional protection from disease and health challenges is required.

Neomilk® Beyond is available as whey or skim based milks, are designed for rearing dairy replacements where both lean growth and weight gain is important

Developed by animal nutrition company Cargill, the NeoMilk range includes three follow-on calf milks. Two of these are available as skim or whey based products, and they all include specialist feed additives to optimise gut health.The range is the culmination of more than a decade of research and development work by the company. More detailed knowledge of the calf’s amino acids requirements is a major step forward in calf-milk formulations.

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Weight 20 kg
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Whey, Skim