Cubicle Peat Bedding by Peat Bed


Dairy Cows are with us for many years and content, healthy cows are proven to be better milk producers. Peat Bed, have specially formulated a new and innovative bedding material for use in the dairy industry, particularly on cubicles.

The peat is harvested and screened to obtain the optimum particle size and then blended with a liming agent which ensures pH is neutral and keeps harmful bacteria at bay. Not only does Peat Bed ensure a clean, dry and comfortable cubicle for the animal, it also eliminates the need for the farmer to mix his bedding material with lime, saving time and effort.

Peat Bed will cause minimal problems in a slurry tank and when spread on land is the ideal soil conditioner.

Peat Bed is made from an ultra-fine, super dry peat which is blended with a liming agent.

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