Southern Milling Munchy Calf Muesli 25Kg Bags

Make the first feed the No.1 feed

A sweet smelling and very palatable coarse calf starter feed which encourages calves to eat from a young age.

  • 18% protein ration with HiPro Soya included as a source of quality bypass protein to maximise calf growth rates.
  • Includes soya oil as a rich energy source and improves coat appearance.
  • High levels of steam cooked maize and barley to promote rumen development.
  • Contains RumeThrive to boost intakes, reduce digestive upsets and promote calf health.
  • Fully fortified with minerals and vitamins with high levels of phosphorus and calcium to promote bone growth and development
  • B Vitamins included to improve the health status of the calf.

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Benefits of RumeThrive include:

  • Positive effect on rumen development, increasing nutrient absorption which leads to healthier calves.
  • Improved feed conversion efficiency and live weight gain.
  • Calves attached to feed by ‘Mother Smell Stimulant’, leading to higher intakes.
  • Reducing calf scour by eliminating harmful bacteria.


C.P. Oil Fibre Ash Vitamin A Vitamin D Copper
18% 3.7% 6.8% 7.6% 13,000 4,000 20.0 mg/kg