Milkistart Pulmo Cx


MilkiStart is available with the option of Pulmo Cx, which provides respiratory and digestive support for calves.Pulmo is included to combat respiratory challenges in young calves.

• Contains eucalyptus oil, which facilitates easy breathing and clearing of airways

• Helps maintain the natural clearing mechanism of the lungs and respiratory tract

EMX/Cx is included to help against protozoan infections such as coccidia and cryptosporidium.

• Contains essential oils and plant extracts which impairs the membranes of these protozoa

• Helps to maintain gut health and nutrient absorption of calves, in particular in the presence of these protozoa

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Analytical Constituents Nutritional Additives per kg

• Crude protein 23%

• Crude oils and fats 18%

• Crude fibre 0%

• Crude ash 7.6%

Nutritional Additives per kg

Vitamin A 25,000 iu, Vitamin D3 5,000 iu, Vitamin E 500 iu


• Easy to mix

• Suitable for bucket or automatic feeding

• Can be fed once (after 28 days) or twice a day

• Mixing concentration: 125-150 grams per litre of water

Additional information

Weight 25 kg

Single Bag, Pallet Load (60 Bags)