MilkBar 20 Calf Feeder


 The capacity of the MilkBar 20 is 120 litres and can feed 20 calves comfortably The unique slow feeding Milk Bar™ teat is designed with an internal web and an inverted nipple.  Together, they control the flow rate of a calf feeding as it would do naturally on its mother.The new born calf must drink from a new Milk Bar™ teat, ensuring maximum salivation. If the calf moves to a peer group pen, the teat must be relocated in the group feeder to follow the calves development.

The growing calf gradually transfers its need for saliva from drinking to the ruminating phase. Therefore “follow the teat”:

  • Total volume 120L.
  • Lightweight 12kg.
  • Solid base freestanding.
  • Feeder bowl stacks into base for easy storage.

Additional information

Weight 12 kg