Kenopure Complete Pre Dip Treatment


The best pre-treatment for every milking.

All the necessary steps of a complete pre-milking hygiene procedure are realized with Keno™pure : cleaning, sanitizing and softening the teats before milking. Thanks to its fast action (30 seconds contact time only), Keno™pure is easy to include in your milking process. Can be used in different ways: by spraying, with towels or with a foaming dip cup.

Complete pre-treatment with the Pure Foamer: cleans, disinfects and conditions

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  • Use clean tap water to make the solution and use a clean bucket or cup.
  • On average, 5mL of Keno™pure is needed per cow per milking session.
  • SPRAYING: Spray a solution of 10% Keno™pure (1L in 10L of water). Wait for minimum 30 seconds and dry with a disposable paper towel/cow.
  • FOAM CUP: Use a solution of 40% Keno™pure (4L in 10L of water). Place the foam cups with the solution on the teats and wait for minimum 30 seconds. Dry the udder with a paper towel/cow.
  • TOWEL: Fill a bucket with a solution of 2% Keno™pure (200 ml in 10L of water). Put all the towels in it for minimum 1 minute. Use 1 towel for each cow. After cleaning, dry with a disposable paper towel/cow.
  • The solution needs to be replaced after every milking session.

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