Vink Lime Spreader


The Vink Spreader is a simple hand tool which will spread your bedding materials in the boxes very fast and easily, powered by a cordless drill. As the material is thrown just above the floor to the side and backwards away from the operator, there is no dust problem.The Spreader is specially designed for hygiene powder such as lime. The apparatus spreads evenly so that no product is wasted. The output opening is adaptable for exact dosage.



Features of Vink Lime spreader 

  • Small Portable Spreader
  • Ideal for Bedding Hygiene Powder Like Lime
  • Can Also Be Used Between Cows
  • Strong Plastic Body & Weight 3kg
  • Powered By Cordless Drill
  • Throws Material In a Uniform Pattern
  • Holds 8-10Kg Of Material
  • Easy To Clean

Additional information

Weight 3 kg