Fencer Force Field Pet Fencer Complete


Our Outdoor Pet Fence gives your pet the freedom to roam within the boundary that you have chosen, providing a happy and safe environment, without the need for restrictive ropes, chains, walls or bars.  A compact transmitter sends a continuous signal through the underground wire, which marks the boundary of the property. If the animal moves towards the boundary, a mild electronic stimulation is administered. Once your pet is trained, the mild stimulus as the inner periphery of the boundary zone will remind the pet that they should not continue. This acts as a warning without administering the full stimulus required to deter the pet at the outer edge of the boundary zone.
Features include:
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Suitable for small and large gardens up to 12 acres
  • Save on cost maintenance of containment fencing 
  • Second rechargeable backup battery supplied
  • Battery life approximately 3 weeks on a single charge
  • Range control settings 
  • Tone warning
  • 2 levels of electric stimulation
  • Boundary break indicator
  • Mains power indicator
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