Doxstar Pro


Docks are a major problem in grassland and can have serious impacts on productivity and palatability of forage. They have only 65% of the feed value of good grass and are generally unpalatable to livestock. Doxstar Pro is the ideal solution to improve the productivity and palatability of forage.  DoxstarPro is a concentrated formulation controlling all species of docks in established grassland.

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  • DoxstarPro can be used in hay meadows, silage fields and grazing pastures offering benefits in both yield and forage palatability.
  • DoxstarPro is translocated to the roots ensuring high levels of long-term control.
  • Flexibility with rates to meet your demand: full rate of 2.0 L/ha or two applications of 1.0 L/ha, one in the autumn with a follow up in the spring.
  • Grazing livestock can be returned to the field just 7 days after application and will not affect the growth of your grass.
  • Apply at optimum stage when actively growing for best control of docks. If docks are past the optimum spray size, then top and allow 2 – 3 weeks re-growth before spraying DoxstarPro.


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