Bonanza Shine Original Calf Milk Powder 20Kg


Save time with this highly digestible milk replacer. For a farmer rearing 40 calves feeding once a day can save 50 hours of work.  Bonanza Original  contains a blend of oils which increases digestibility of fat for the calf; it is important to have a good mix of short, medium and long chained fatty acids. Additionally, it contains a blend of Omega 6:3 that enhances calf ability to combat pneumonia and can reduce rotavirus infectivity.

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A skim and whey milk replacer using milk protein for the feeding of calves once a day or in an automatic feeder.
Highly digestible milk proteins used. Skim allows natural clotting to occur, just like casein in whole milk.
Contains buttermilk which reduces stomach upsets and feed refusals as it acts as an emulsifier enhancing fat breakdown and it contains a lactic acid flavour.

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Weight 20 kg
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