Yara Super Booster

YaraMila SUPER BOOSTER (25-2.2-4.2 + Na and Se) is a compound prilled NPKS fertiliser containing sodium and selenium as sodium selenate for use on grassland to supplement selenium levels.

YaraMila SUPER BOOSTER is part of the Booster range of grassland fertilisers which all contain sulphur and are enriched with selenium for healthier livestock, improved performance and fertility.

Selenium is vital to the fertility in most mammals and prevents issues such as placental retention, increased white cell counts and white muscle disease. Sodium aids the uptake of selenium into the grass.

Sodium is also important for animal health. Adding sodium in the fertiliser has been shown to: improve the digestibility of grass and enhance grass palatability resulting in longer grazing times and improved intakes so resulting in improved milk yields and milk quality.

Available in 50, 500 or 600 kg.  For orders email onlinesales@kelliherfeeds.ie or call 0667123463.

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Form: Prilled

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Weight 50 kg