YaraBela Axan 27% N+SO3

YaraBela AXAN (27% N + 9% SO3is a uniform compound granular nitrate based nitrogen and sulphur fertiliser with an N:S ratio of 7.5:1 suitable for use on all crops. It contains nitrogen as nitrate and ammonium. Plants require nitrogen in the ammonium and nitrate forms, so by applying these forms the nutrients are immediately available for plant growth. Nitrates are the most efficient form of nitrogen and are key to achieving optimum yields.

YaraBela AXAN also contains sulphur, as calcium sulphate, which is highly soluble and reaches plant roots quickly. Calcium sulphate, does not reduce the proportion of available nitrate in the formulation, unlike ammonium sulphate.

YaraBela AXAN is a homogeneous, uniform sized, high bulk density granular fertiliser for even spreading over wide bout widths and will spread consistently to 36m and beyond. Being a compound fertiliser both nitrogen and sulphur are contained in every granule which eliminates segregation and allows even application of all nutrients.

Available in 50, 500 or 600 kg.  For orders email onlinesales@kelliherfeeds.ie or call 0667123463.

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Nutrient Composition

  • Nitrate – N13.5%
  • Ammoniacal – N13.5%


Additional information

Weight 500 kg