Shine Compumate Calf Milk Replacer 20Kg


Compumate is a skim and whey milk replacer, from Bonanza, that uses milk protein for the feeding of calves on an automatic feeder.

  • Contains natural antibacterial properties. Lactoperoxidase, lactoferrin and organic acids have been included to help reduce the bacteria accumulating around the teat and feed station.
  • Highly digestible milk proteins used. Skim allows natural clotting to occur, just like casein in whole milk.
  • Contains buttermilk which reduces stomach upsets and feed refusals as it acts as an emulsifier enhancing fat breakdown and it contains a lactic acid flavour. Additionally, it can reduce rotavirus infectivity.
  • Contains a blend of oils which increases digestibility of fat for the calf; it is important to have a good mix of short, medium and long chained fatty acids. Additionally, it contains a blend of Omega 6:3 that enhances calf ability to combat pneumonia.
  • High levels of vitamin C, E and organic selenium have been added to further boost calf immunity.

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