Prospect Sx 45Gr Sachet 5 Acre Pack Dock


Prospect is a herbicide for the control of broadleaved docks in grassland and set-aside land. It has no effect on curled-leaf dock, and is safe to use on clover. Best applied as mid-to-late season product – applied 3 weeks following cutting or grazing (to allow adequate re-growth). Cereals or crops can be sown on set-aside land just four weeks after applying Prospect. One 45g bottle will treat 2 hectares.



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Active Ingredients: Thifensulfuron Methyl

PCS Number: 02284

Dilution Rate: 22.5g in 200 litres of water per hectare.

Coverage Per Bottle: One 45g bottle will treat 2 hectares.

Application method: Boom sprayer.

Clover safe: Yes

Rainfast: 4 hours.

Grazing:Keep livestock off treated land for at least 7 days.

Cutting:Grass is ready to cut 7 days after treatment.

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