Milkistart Milk Powder


Milkistart is a top quality milk replacer, from Southern Milling, formulated and manufactured to the highest standards.

  • Milkistart is fortifi­ed with a blend of nutritional ingredients designed to enhance nutrient uptake leading to better growth and healthier calves.
  • 23% protein supplied by quality protein sources with the correct balance of amino acids, ideal to promote muscle and mammary gland growth
  • Milkistart includes a health package, RumeThrive, to promote calf health and performance. RumeThrive includes:
    • Organic acids added to help with the control of gut pathogens which limits the incidence of scour. Whilst keeping the milk fresh for up to 24 hours.
    • Immunity package of polyclonal antibodies specific against E.coli, Salmonella, Rotavirus and Coronavirus.
    • Butyrate/Unique Mother Smell: To enhance calf performance and promote villi growth.

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 Includes Protimax, Fibosel and organic acids

  • Full range of vitamins, minerals and trace elements
  • Quality Ingredients: Milkistart uses carefully selected milk proteins for maximum digestibility.
  • Fats are all refined, de-odorised and atomised into microscopic droplets to facilitate easy absorption.
  • High Vit E: Together with Se, Vit E acts as an antioxidant, and important for the calf in the
    development of the immune system. Vit E does not cross the placenta in large amounts
    therefore the calf is dependent on colostrum and milk/milk replacer for it.
  • Easy Mix: Important for feeding time. An indication of the quality of fats/oils and proteins used.
  • 18% Oil
  • 23% Protein
  • 0.03% Fibre
  • 8.7% Ash
  • 25,000 iu/kg Vitamin A
  • 5000 iu/kg Vitamin D3
  • 250 mg/kg Vitamin E
  • 8.5 mg/kg Cu
  • 0.45 mg/kg Se
  • 70% Total Milk Solids

Additional information

Weight 25 kg

Single Bag, Pallet Load (60 Bags)