MCPA is a selective herbicide for the control of rushed and many broad-leaved weeds in grassland. MCPA will selectively control weeds in established agricultural grassland such as nettle, thistle, buttercups, soft rush and ragwort. For the best results, apply spray when the annual weeds are at their seedling stage and perennial weeds when the flower buds are forming –  provided the crop is at the recommended stage for treatment.



The weeds should be thoroughly wetted with the spray solution but spraying until “run-off” will decrease activity. The use of flood jets is recommended to prevent drift. Care should always be taken to avoid local overdosing. If the grass has been cut for hay or silage or grazed leave for 2-3 weeks to allow sufficient re-growth to occur before spraying.


• It contains 500 g/L (44.25% w/w) MCPA

• This product is used to control rushes and a range of other broad leave weeds in grassland.

• Stock grazing can resume 7 days after application if no poisonous weeds present.

DO NOT treat newly established grass less than one year old

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