Liffey Mills Calf 18 25Kg

Calf 18, calf starter ration can be used as a starter ration or a follow on ration to Calf 20, again this is highly nutritious, and contains great sources of digestible energy, and a rich protein of 18%. At this stage concentrate intake will be increased and so a lower level of protein is sufficient. Calf 18 contains Rumen Specific Live Yeast Levucell SC. Calves fed Levucell SC have accelerated and better rumen development leading to positive improvements in growth performance and health, both before and after weaning. Calf 18 has proved to be a most popular starter ration with our customers and is normally used up to 12 weeks of age, however if you are aiming for optimum health, strong immunity and early weaning the 2 step program is advisable.

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Weight 25 kg