Kenocidin Spray & Dip


Kenocidin Spray and Dip is the spray-version of Kenocidin‚ and is based on a unique chlorhexidine digluconate and Menthae Arvensis. It guarantees an optimal disinfection and very good skin conditioning properties. Kenocidin Spray and Dip is registered in 22 European countries with the following claims: teat disinfection as a part of a prevention strategy for mastitis, and for the maintenance of good teat skin and teat end condition.

In 200L drum or 20LJerrican


  • The product is ready to use as a post-milking teat dip or spray.
  • Use at least 5ml per cow per application.
  • Dip the teats immediately after milking each cow. Ensure that the teat is completely covered to three quarters of its length. Alternatively, spray the entire surface of each teat immediately after milking.
  • The dip cup or sprayer should be replenished as necessary.
  • If a common dip cup or sprayer is used for application, a fresh solution should always be used at each milking.
  • The dip cup or sprayer should be emptied, cleaned and rinsed after each milking session or when the cup or sprayer becomes contaminated during milking.
  • Do not pour the remaining solution from the dip cup back into the original container.
  • Wash hands after use.

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20L, 200L