Heifer Rearing Nut 25Kg

The feeding and management of replacement heifers will have a lifelong effect on their productivity. Correct levels of dietary protein and energy are important to optimise heifer growth. During the growing period it is important to avoid the over-conditioning of heifers which can lead to excessive fat-deposition in mammary glands and reduce milk yield in later life. Based on this scientific research Southern Milling have formulated a specialised heifer feed.

  • Specially formulated feed for replacement dairy heifers
  • 20% protein nut with Hi pro Soya to promote growth and avoid over conditioning
  • Optimum levels of phosphorus & calcium ensuring good bone development
  • High maize inclusion to ensure replacement heifers meet target weights for breeding
  • Contains high levels of protected minerals & vitamins to maximise heifer’s health
  • NOVATAN included to improve the use of protein in the diet and improve the FCE of the cow


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Weight 25 kg