Gallup XL 5Lt


Gallup XL is a total weed killer. Once sprayed the active substance in Gallup XL enters the plant and is translocated throughout the leaves, stem and root system where it blocks important chemical processes and the plant goes into decline and dies. A period of at least 6 hours and preferably 24 hours free of rain must follow spraying.

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  • Super Strong Weed Killer – Extremely powerful weedkilling solution, effective against most types of weeds
  • Made with Glyphosate – The main component of this product, once absorbed into the root-system it will kill weeds quickly and effectively.
  • Fast Acting Product – Once fully absorbed, weeds will begin showing signs of decay 2 weeks after application
  • Dilution Instructions  – For best results, mix 20ml of weed killer per 1L of water (e.g 5L Sprayer will require 100ml of Clinic Up)
  • Professional Product – This product is fully intended for use by qualified personnel, this is not for domestic use

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