Coyle Coal Glo Therm Smokeless Fuel 20Kg and 40Kg


Manufactured smokeless ovoid in an oval shape that burns completely to a fine ash. Suitable for Stoves, Open Fires and Closed Appliances.

This is our most popular coal. Manufactured smokeless ovoid in an oval shape.

  • Large,black and smokeless egg
  • Consistent in size
  • Burns to fine ash
  • Ideal for open fires and closed appliances e.g. stoves
  • Super smokeless
  • Excellent heat output
  • Coyle’s Glo Term offers an excellent heat output and can be delivered directly to your door.
  • All our smokeless coals are more efficient, lasting significantly longer and producing an appreciably smaller amount of carbon dioxide.
  • Typically producing 25% less carbon dioxide as it burns.
  • This is a result of its higher heating efficiency.
  • Our Smokeless coal complies with smokeless fuel regulations and it can be used within the designated smokeless areas.
  • Top of the range smokeless fuel.
  • 100% manufactured Ovoids.
  • Can be used in open fires and closed appliances.
  • Complies with smokeless regulations.
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Weight 20 kg

20kg, 40kg