Southern Milling Calf Starter Pencils 25Kg Bags

Providing a highly palatable, nutritious fresh calf feed is important for the development of the young calf. Sweet Start Calf Pencils are made from quality raw materials delivering protein, amino acids, and essential minerals, crucial in a proper calf feed.

  • 18% protein calf starter pencils to be fed to calves from one week of age.
  • Pelletted calf pencils to promote intakes and avoid spoilage of feed.
  • Optimum levels of top quality native cereals as a source of starch to promote rumen development.
  • Include soya oil as a rich energy source and improve coat appearance.
  • Contains RumeThrive to boost intakes, reduce digestive upsets and promote calf health.
  • Provides the correct balance of minerals and vitamins for strong bone and muscle development.
  • B Vitamins included to improve the health status of the calf.

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Weight 25 kg