Southern Milling Calf Rearing Nuts 25Kg Bags

Super Calf Rearer, from Southern Milling, is a top quality 17% protein nut, to be fed to calves from weaning onwards. Protein requirements are met by HiPro Soya,  and the addition of RumeThrive boosts intakes, reduces digestive upsets and is invaluable to overall calf health.

  • Fully fortified with minerals and vitamins with high levels of phosphorus and calcium to promote bone growth and development.
  • Formulated with high levels of digestible fibre that allows for the development of a highly efficient rumen.
  • High energy levels to maximise growth rates and to ensure calves achieve critical weight targets.
  • B Vitamins included to improve the health status of the calf.

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RumeThrive is a new specially formulated combination of feed additives, incorporated into Southern Milling’s Calf Feeds, to promote calf health and wellbeing. Benefits of RumeThriveinclude:

  • Positive effect on rumen development, increasing nutrient absorption which leads to healthier calves.
  • Improved feed conversion efficiency and live weight gain.
  • Calves attached to feed by ‘Mother Smell Stimulant’, leading to higher intakes.
  • Reducing calf scour by eliminating harmful bacteria.

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