Bonanza Emerald Calf Milk Powder 20KG


It is  20% protein (whey and skim), 22% fat product manufactured in Ireland.

   Emerald, the calf milk replacer formulated for block calving systems

Block calving, the most common system on Irish dairy farms, sees calves born over a 10–12-week period but with the majority arriving in the first four to six weeks of that block.

Aligning with an Irish dairy farm’s biggest asset – grass – most calves are born in the spring, a season which can be highly challenging for calves because of the variability of weather at that time of the year.

In Ireland, that can mean calves experiencing average daily temperatures of 4-6 and damp conditions, at a relative humidity (RH) of 80% or higher, but with fluctuations.

Combine these weather challenges with a high volume of calves and February and March are very arduous months for rearing healthy calves – they not only have adverse, changeable weather but must fight off a high level of disease with great competition for food and space.

In stressful conditions, calves need a combination of slow and fast release lactose with good energy reserves found in fats and with a combination of fast-release and slow-release protein to get the best from their feed.

This is especially important in situations when environments change, such as when moving calves to different farms as is the case with purchased beef calves.

The calf will convert energy stores to sugar however this is a time-consuming process and results in a delayed reaction to the calf as it is being hit with sudden stresses. Sugar helps it deal with that immediate stress while energy converted from fat acts as a support.

Why choose Emerald as a feed?

  • It is made with extra energy in the form of fat and sugar, for when calves use sugar to keep warm in changeable conditions
  • It is designed for feeding calves in intensive block calving systems, with skim and buttermilk to promote health in challenging conditions and to slow down digestion as nature intended.

And because it is formulated in Ireland – Irish-made for Irish calves.

Additional information

Weight 20 kg

Single Bag, Pallet Load