16Ltr Knapsack Sprayer + Gallup 1Ltr **ONLINE SPECIAL**


16Ltr Heavy Duty Knapsack Sprayer comes with strong fittings. Lever, lance and arm clamp for easy transportation & storage. Large filling mouth cover with Non-Drip valve. Large capacity and highly resistant pressure chamber and rubber washers. It is also reversible and can be used with either hand.

As part of this Special Offer price we are including, 1 litre of Gallup Spray.



The Knapsack 16L Sprayer suits most farming and gardening needs.

Designed to be conveniently and comfortably carried on the back. Allows ambidextrous use, simply by switching the straps. Wide opening for easy filling and emptying. Robust and easy to handle nozzle, adjustable from straight jet to fine mist. Ideal for watering plants, plant care and fertilising large areas. Compatible with water, insecticides, pesticides, fungicides and water-soluble fertilisers.

  • Corrosion-Proof Plastic Tank
  • Plastic Handle
  • Manual Trigger
  • The sprayer comes with a harness for comfort to avoid back strain
  • Easily reversibile so it can be used in either hand.
  • 16 Litres

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Weight 4 kg