Volac Topwrap

Volac Topwrap has a formula which gives great strength and ideal tack to ensure the best seal ever, along with a uniform thickness that gives no weak spots throughout the wrap.   Its toughness helps prevent puncturing during handling and stacking, and gives excellent protection against extreme weather. Volac Topwrap will help you achieve the highest quality winter forage, vital to the success of any livestock enterprise. Call us on 066 712 3446.

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  • Unique formulation using top quality raw materials
  • State of the art manufacturing techniques which give uniform stretch, thickness and reduced necking
  • A superior product, at the right price
  • Available in a full range of sizes
  • Superior impermeability to air and water
  • Strong and durable with ideal tack levels
  • UV protection for all climates
  • Side opening boxes and plastic cores
  • Supported by Volac technical back-up and advice

Volac Topwrap is manufactured by Trioplast using modern, dedicated production lines. Volac Topwrap meets the high specification demanded by Volac to ensure consistent quality layer upon layer.

Every pallet that leaves the factory undergoes rigorous quality control tests to ensure the required quality standards are achieved.

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Weight 18 kg