Sinclair Mcgill Lambhill Grass Seed

Lambhill is a versatile seed mixture ideal for harsh environments and marginal land.

  • Suitable for upland reseeds and bogs
  • Excellent long term sheep grazing mixture
  • Lambhill is also perfectly suited to extensive farming systems and all classes of livestock

Despite the name, Lambhill is also suitable for both beef cattle and dairy cows!

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  • 16% Moyola Early Perennial Ryegrass
  • 11% Novello Later Perennial Ryegrass (TET)
  • 11%Xenon Late Perennial Ryegrass (TET)
  • 13% Comtal Timothy
  • 5% Darimo Meadow Fescue
  • 7.5% Corail Strong Creeping Red Fescue
  • 3% Alsike Clover
  • 5.5% Cheviot White Clover Blend

Call 066 7123463 or email for more information.

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