Castlehill Sinclair Mcgill Grass Seed

Castlehill® is the long term ley with rock solid performance

  • Suitable for most soil types and climate
  • Excellent feed for all classes of livestock
  • Superb disease resistance
  • Delivers the performance of a medium term ley, combined with the persistence of a long term ley
  • Reliable top quality grazing and cutting
  • Invest in Castlehill® for the ultimate in long term productivity

Suggested seed rate:
13-18 kg/acre (33-45 kg/ha)
Guide cutting height:
7.5cm (3 inches)

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12% Solomon Intermediate Perennial Ryegrass
12% Fintona Intermediate Perennial Ryegrass (TET)
12% Elsysium Intermediate Perennial Ryegrass (TET)

13% Timing Late Perennial Ryegrass
11% Drumbo Late Perennial Ryegrass
12% Solas Late Perennial Ryegrass (TET)
15% Aspect Late Perennial Ryegrass (TET)
7% Comtal Timothy
6% Tweed White Clover Blend

Additional information

Weight 25 kg

10kg, 25kg