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Foran Equine Crib Halt Gel: 500 g


This original capsaicin containing formula has been used with great success for over 20 years.
It is shower proof, water repelling and highly effective on stable doors, paddock rails, bark, stalls, rugs and bandages.
Whether you choose Original or Capsaicin Free CRIB-HALT, these distasteful deterrent gels can be applied by brush or gloved hand and are easily removed after use by washing with warm soapy water.
Original formula CRIB-HALT is a strong anti-crib biting gel.
It is ideal for use where maximum strength protection is required in stables.

Warning: Not intended for horses in Racing or Competition as it contains the prohibited substance Capsaicin.

There is a Capsaicin free version of Crib-Halt also available and detailed on this website. Though not intended for consumption – in fact, quite the opposite – users may prefer to consider using the Capsaicin Free version especially where there are racing or competition animals operating under anti-doping rules which list capsaicin as a prohibited substance.

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