FibreGold Calf Haylage


FibreGold Calf & Yearling is a 16% Complementary Feed.  A fortified fibre/meal combination with a balanced mix of soluble sugars and fibre for optimum rumen and papillae development and the generation of essential volatile fatty acids.  Calf & Yearling should be introduced into the diet around the eight week period. The Fibre/Meal combination that will capitalise on the excellent early rumen development already underway by the feeding our FibreGold Calf Starter and will ensure that FibreGold fed calves will go on to reach their full potential.

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Instructions for proper usage:

Feed in conjunction with forage.
Feed up to 2.5 Kg daily per 100 Kg bodyweight.
Ensure animals have access to clean drinking water at all times.
Do not feed to sheep.

Analytical Constituents:

Crude Protein % 16.00; Crude Oil % 4.53; Crude Fibre % 10.28;
Crude Ash % 2.51; Magnesium % 0.11; Sodium % 0.03;
Additives (Per Kg):
Vitamins: E672 Vitamin A i.u. 8,000; E671 Vitamin D3 i.u. 2,000;
Trace Elements: E4 Cupric Sulphate Pentahydrate 32.91mg; E8 Sodium Selenite … mg

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