Fencer Force Field B20


The Forcefield B20 battery fencer provides 0.2 joules which covers an area of 1.5km (4 acres). It will operate with either a 9V or 12V battery. It has 3 power settings, normal, turbo and night. This allows for energy saving or higher performance if required. The fencing unit and battery is provided in a sealed container to IP65 standards which ensure long working life. It is easy to transport install and operate. The fencer comes with a 3 year warranty, free 9V battery, earth bar, output leads, neon tester and 25 screw in insulators. This fencer is ideal for use with a wide range animals and with multiple stands of fencing wire, tape or rope. This battery fencer is ideal for strip grazing or as a permanent fixture. When not in use remove battery and store in a cool dry area

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Weight 2 kg