Equine America Pro-Pell Plus Solution


Equine America Propell Plus is an energy dense complex daily tonic which is designed to provide micronutrients which are key for optimum health and performance. Containing a high level of B vitamins for energy production and appetite stimulation Propell Plus also contains trace elements that are important in muscle function.

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Vitamin And Mineral Tonic

  • VITAMIN & MINERAL TONIC – Pro-Pell Plus is a daily tonic, designed to provide vital micronutrients which are important in key areas for optimum health and performance. Ideal for horse recovering from an illness and struggling to return to their original workload
  • NATURAL BLEND OF INGREDIENTS – A combination of vitamin B for appetite stimulation and energy production, key trace minerals essential for muscle function, amino acids, copper, magnesium, zinc and iron
  • HEALTH AND PERFORMANCE – Vitamin E and selenium are important antioxidant micronutrients to help protect muscles cell membranes from oxidative damage which occurs naturally during work
  • READY TO USE – Easy to digest, the Pro-Pell solution can be added to horses typical feed regimes when your horse needs that extra boost
  • FEEDING DIRECTION – For 500kg horse; preparing for competition: 60ml per day. For other 500kg horses; 30ml per day. Maximum; 60ml per day

Key nutrients per 30ml  serve