DLF Pronitro Cut & Graze Overseeding

ProNitro is a nitrogen coating on DLF’s overseeding mixtures. It is coated directly onto the seed so the germinating and developing seedling receives the full benefit of the additional nutrition. The roots and shoots grow rapidly, developing strong seedlings that show at least 30% more vigorous growth. This is particularly important when overseeding into a competitive sward.

Overseeding using the correct mixtures and machinery designed for the job is now accepted as good practice to both maintain the physical and nutritional quality of medium and long term swards.  When the sward becomes open allowing weeds and unsown species to invade, overseeding will quickly check this and maintain the productivity by increasing both yield and quality.  Typically after 3 years of production a leys productivity falls so the loss of 2 tonnes dry matter per hectare at 11MJ/KG equates to 18000MJ/Ha of energy.  In order to replace this lost forage production with concentrate would cost roughly €160 + per acre.  An overseeding mix and application typically cost less than half this.  A 200% return for overseeding in year 1!

Overseeding a sward with the correct ProNitro® mixture will help maintain a sward optimium production.

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35% Solas T Late Perennial Ryegrass

60% Aspect (T) Late Perennial Ryegrass

5% Dual Purpose White Clover Blend

Call 066 7123463 or email salesonline@kelliherfeeds.ie for more information.


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