DLF Organic Multi-species


An organic multi-species mixture to suit a range of conditions

• Excellent summer production compared to grass-only swards

• Ecotain Environmental Plantain is proven to reduce nitrate leaching

• Chicory produces high quality forage through the summer months

DLF Organic Multispecies qualifies for Multi Species Sward scheme as it is 72% organic. This mixture is in a 14kg bag. The inclusion of Timothy (Dolina) and Festulolium (Fojtan) gives drought resistance along with the productivity of ryegrass. Approved for the Multi Species Sward Measure. 

Seeding Rate:   35kg/ha     14kg/acre



Grazing 72% Organic

Mixture breakdown is as follows:

23.6% Perennial Ryegrass – Organic Toddington

23.2% Perennial Ryegrass – Organic Nashota

7.1% Festulolium – Organic Fojtan

7.1% Timothy – Organic Dolina

10.7% White Clover – Organic Merlyn 

10.7% Red Clover – Garant & Rozeta

10% Plantain – Ecotain

7.5% Chicory – Choice

Certified Organic (71.8%)

Additional information

Weight 12 kg