Comfort Gut for horses is an excellent equine supplement that has been designed to work in a number of different ways to offer your horse all round gut comfort.
It works by actively absorbing acid, toxins and other impurities before being expelled from the body in the horses dung.
Comfort Gut is a totally natural supplement.
Made from Specially selected Charcoal that is 100% safe for horses.
FEI Legal.
Comfort Gut aids the internal workings of a horse from the first mouthful to the last drop of poo!
Aids horses who struggle to gain weight.
Adds sparkle to your horse without the fizz.
Also helps to prevent Gargling, bloated stomachs and trapped wind.
Safe to use on horses of all ages.
Made from 100% Steam Activated Carbon.
Please note if your horse/pony is on any prescribed medications, please consult your vet before feeding Comfort Gut and also do not give Comfort Gut to horses that have previously experienced and/or continue to experience constipation problems.
1kg offers a one month supply.
2.5kg lasts for 10 weeks.
5kg lasts for 5 months.

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