Butisan S 5Lt Residual Vegetable Herbicide


Butisan provides higher levels of weed control than propyzamide, trifluralin and atrazine, even in paddocks where resistance is not a major factor. Butisan is more soluble in water than many other herbicides, which helps it move back into the furrow after sowing when incorporated by rain. The result is exceptional in-furrow weed control for up to 12 weeks.

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Butisan® is a residual herbicide that provides pre-emergence control of annual ryegrass, wild oat and wireweed. It is absorbed by the roots and hypocotyl of germinating seedlings and translocated primarily by the xylem.

Weed control is optimised when Butisan is applied evenly to moist soil and incorporated by sowing with sufficient rain falling soon afterwards to ensure activation and uptake of the herbicide by germinating weeds.

Weed control may be greatly reduced where weed seeds have been buried by cultivation prior to application. Weed control may also be reduced where stubble or cloddy soil interferes with formation of a strong chemical soil barrier, where there is insufficient soil moisture for herbicide uptake, or – in soils prone to leaching – where rainfall is sufficiently heavy to cause movement of the herbicide out of the weed seed zone.

Since Butisan will not reliably control emerged weeds, a knockdown herbicide should be used to control emerged weeds at sowing.